What is the Mastermind Partner Program?

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After reading a post today by David Wood re. what Empower Network really is

I thought a post re. what the Mastermind Partner Program is would be a good thing.

So what is the Mastermind Partner Program?

(aka. MPP)

Well in a nutshell, MPP is a response to a need I saw in my own coaching business.

What I saw most of all were people coming online and just flopping around – often for months or even years.

Good people.

With lots to share…

… and HUGE hurdles to leap over …

… mostly related to the technical side of marketing online …

But sometimes (often really) I see mindset and basic marketing understanding that has to be addressed too.

And I saw a distinct barrier to entry.

Two barriers really.

One was time…

(no one seems to have enough time – especially when they’re stuck in the “rat race”)

The other was money…

(the cost to get solid guidance on how to put all the pieces together – especially guidance that takes the wants and needs of the individual into consideration – rare and rarer)

And both were keeping me … and the people I was most effectively able to help … apart.

Many of these people were folks who I really dug too  … I was not happy about having to wait till their next “I’m completely overwhelmed and I’m ready to quit” moment to connect again.

Something had to be done.

So I came up with my “coaching wrapped income thingy”  … later to become known as the Mastermind Partner Program.

See I knew that I could easily “overdeliver” on a few hundred dollars worth of investment…

…Heck at that point $200 wasn’t even paying for an hour of my private consulting time….

And I was pretty sure I could teach other people how to develop an offer that made joining the MPP through them a no-brainer too … Help them to pinpoint their offer and develop their leadership.

10+ months later and we’ve had *some* success.

But I’m not nearly satisfied and I’m looking forward to upping our game in the coming year.

Lots in the hopper…

~ a 6 month Accountability level coaching program

~ a 6 month JV partner program

~ several members with info products to spit shine and get launched

~ increased specialized group activity in our private inner circle community

~ the addition of as many as 3 residual income streams

~ an updated MPP Phase I Roadmap complete with a totally new income Jumpstart system

~ focus on specialized marketing methods and listbuilding goals

~ inter team contests

~ monthly webinars guest hosted by up and coming leaders in our Mastermind program

~ what else?

… we’re only limited by our imagination :)

If you’re already a partner and want to shine in any of these areas – you be sure to raise your hand and let me in on your vision.

If you’re not already a Mastermind partner, why not?

Come see what we’re up to.

We look forward to connecting :)

Onward and upward!

I appreciate you,



  1. I found Andrea in the members forum for an online training product I’d bought.

    Andrea helped me figure out many things to get started marketing online, so when I found I could join the MPP to get more of her time and network with other entrepreneurs it seemed like a good deal to me.

    Now I’ve found my feet in the online world, I see the MPP and a great place to find Joint Venture opportunities and get feedback for products I’m creating.
    The Mastermind Partner Program is a great place to learn the foundation for building a business online.

  2. I have known Andrea for quite some time now, and her coaching and expertise are mind blowing. Ever since I can remember she has been over delivering on content and advice that just keeps on giving. I have seen her elevate people, motivate people, and even get technical even when she didn`t have to….but that`s just who she is. If you have not experienced her coaching or marketing….check it out its truly awesome stuff….so if you looking to work with a real person that`s down to earth and doesn`t put out BS content then you need to get with Andrea ASAP…..Thanks for everything you do Andrea… for this industry…..and people lives !!!

  3. Andrea and the Mastermind Partner Program came along for me when I was in a place of wanting to move forward but uncertain of so many things. It was like having one foot in each world – the “real” world and online.. and just not certain enough to jump in. I still have days when Im uncertain, but with the coaching and access to so many master “minds” its getting easier to focus on the direction I want to go in. Im excited about the future of MPP and my future with it.

    See the technical and marketing stuff can be daunting.. and each time you attempt something on your own – if it doesnt work out – your right back where you started – going nowhere. WIth MPP – you are supported right from the start – to have a go.. and it doesnt ever “not work”. Reason being – because there are people around to encourage you and to point out all the successes you had.

  4. Andrea!

    What a perfect time I found you @ “coaching wrapped income thingy”. Gosh I’m so proud of being part of the MPP’s history :)

    MPP, you, all the members helping each other meant a lot to me. Brought me confidence, I learned a lot and specially I put it all in practice, tanking action constantly. I’m amazed on how I grew (I don’t even like to remember how I was before). All the members had amazing progress too and now we are ready for 2012’s game.

    Yes, so much to do, learn, take action and we don’t even see how the time goes by so fast. I really enjoy this journey with you Andrea, with MPP. ….(.. I got emotional..)

    I just want to say THANK YOU Andrea & MPP members.

    And 2012 thingy, let’s get this party started baby!

    I LOVE you all!


  5. The Mastermind Partner program for me has meant a solid foundation on which to build.
    I was one of those that was floundering around, unsure of which direction to take and
    totally stuck on technical issues. Andrea’s guidance has given me a direction in which
    to start and she has kept me focused on what needs to be done next. For me this is
    huge as I was totally and completely lost and didn’t really know how to find my way .
    So this has been a real godsend for me. If you aren’t here already, you should be.

  6. Andrea,

    I could not have described the MPP any better myself.

    I was definitely one that was out there “flopping” around. Had lots of ideas and saw a lot of people needing help as well. Just needed a few of the missing puzzle pieces to be able to actually reach out and bridge the gap between me and the “techy” stuff I didn’t quite get.

    Simple things really. Like an optin page or auto responder (like why I needed them & how to use them)

    After 3 years of struggling, I met you on a mutual info product forum and that was the
    time you had “the income wrapped coaching thingy” in your brain and MPP was later introduced.

    So being in the program from the start was amazing to see it take shape…

    and as for me….I seemed to take shape and the “aha moments & light bulbs” were going off
    fast for me. I wish I had this program YEARS ago because it alone would have saved me

    So thank you for MPP, because without it, the group and you…I would still be flopping around.

    I am still a work in progress, but at I am now on a one way street going forward ;)

    This is by far the most cost effective investment that anyone will find anywhere, and the value
    it holds far out weighs that investment 10-fold!!

    To the future with MPP,

    Kim Smith

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