Let me begin by saying…

This is not for everyone.

Cliché I know.

But it’s true.

And as we each search for our true audiences…

…those we can serve and impact the best of all.

It’s how we can each think of our journey.


What we have is not for everyone.

purp-bullet This is not for the greedy.

purp-bullet This is not for people who put the pursuit of
money before all else.

purp-bullet This is definitely not for people who feel the
need to whine.

purp-bullet If you don’t care deeply for others and genuinely
want to help, this is not a business model that will
work for you.

purp-bullet If you consider yourself a flaming extrovert, you’ll
also probably find what I have here to be less than
a perfect fit.



This is good news.

Because like I said – this is not for everyone.

After all, making 100k+ per year the way I’ve done it,
in a heart-centered and service focused way.

100% online.

Isn’t what everyone wants.

Maybe that sounds weird – I hope so!

Weird people thrive working this way :)

I’ll explain more in a minute.

But first let me tell you who I am and why I’m
doing what I’m doing.


Who am I and why listen to me?

My name is Andrea Goodsaid

I used to be a glass jeweler – even made decent
money at it.

Life was good – I pretty much designed my days
around making jewelry and hanging with my dogs.

Got to travel to craft shows and lived life basically
on my own terms.

I did spend an awful lot of time making jewelry, but
that was okay 
’cause I enjoyed the work and it was
flexible enough – I called the shots on whether I got
up and worked or got up and played … 
most days.

But there was this nagging (growing) side concern
about ever being able 
to stop working … or worse if I
couldn’t work for a period of 
time … but I was young
and that life was perfect.

Or so I thought.


Then came John

Then I met my husband John.

On the side of a highway – lol – I’ll tell you that story
another day :)

And we started having babies -

(btw, we call them our experiments *grin* …. so far so
good – they’re amazing kids who’re growing up with

entrepreneurship as their “Normal” which is awesome).

Anyone who has children knows what I’m talking about
when I say 
“let the lifestyle changes begin!”…

Lifestyle re-design required.

The first baby wasn’t so hard to schlep along to the craft
shows and 
wholesale appointments … business *sort of*
as usual.

She had the added gift of not walking till she was 15mos
and wanting to stick close by my side even after she
got mobile.

Two decades later … She still does.


Baby #2 changes everything.

Baby number two changed everything.

She was a runner. Chasing her all over creation and trying
sell just didn’t work.

So I had some choices to make.

A helper could be hired to sell for me – didn’t really have a
way to pay for that 
and sales of a craft by the artist tend to
go better anyway.

We could hire a sitter – the exact life that working from home
was supposed to help me steer clear of. Not a real solution.

Or I could find something else to do.

Something that would give me both time and money freedom
if I did it right.


The hunt for new income solutions.

I went online looking for answers – maybe just like you are now.

And tried a lot of things.

Stumbled plenty.

Spent too much money some places and with people I shouldn’t have.

It strained my relationships. Especially my marriage.

Often we fought about the time it’s taken me to get into profit.

Lots of lost sleep along the way.

Sound familiar??

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Balancing family life and income
creation is tough!

And it’s taken a lot of years to hone.

Was it worth it?



My first 100k year

Yep, not only have I quietly created a 100k+ year business
working strictly as 
an affiliate…

(don’t think my results are normal – they’re not –
I’m just sharing 
what’s worked for me)


I’ve also:

purp-bullet Placed on many leader boards

purp-bullet Been able to travel for business and pleasure …
as often as I want

purp-bullet Worked and become close friends with many of
the ‘gurus’ (who it turns out are regular folks just like us)

purp-bullet Most importantly now we have the time freedom
and the money freedom that 
we wanted.

purp-bullet We make our own schedules

purp-bullet We travel and work when we want and with who we want

purp-bullet We can create income pretty much on demand by providing value to others

purp-bullet We sleep in and work when it works best for us

purp-bullet Heck we can even be sick or have an unexpected surgery
without worrying 
a second about weeks of downtime.

(Which totally happened to me in early 2013 – darn gallbladder.)

Golden right??

Sound like something you’d like too?

Now for the question I get asked the most often …

“How’ve you done it??”

And till now, I had this clunky, non-time leveraged
way of teaching people.

Which ironically was causing me to have less time

Which put me in this ethical bind because here I was
teaching people how to be more free, even while

growing a business and I was failing miserably at that.

What piece was I missing?


ONE missing piece <= (freedom-critical)

Here’s what I was doing wrong.

I got stuck in my comfort zone.

“Crafting and selling” everything to one person at
a time was so comfortable, that I easily built up a
one-on-one high ticket coaching business, where
I was making a decent living …

But STILL my time wasn’t really my own.

 the ONE thing that the Internet does best – was
not being put into motion.

Automation had been left out … completely.

This story that I’m telling you now and the low priced
product you’re gonna buy next that 
explains exactly “How
I’ve done what I’ve done” is the puzzle piece I was missing.

Chances are -

purp-bullet If you’re feeling a strain in your family time…

purp-bullet Like the ratio of fun time to income producing time
is always off

purp-bullet If you have a partner who’s wondering who all
these random people are on the computer who rate
more of your time than they do

purp-bullet If you’re doing a lot of phone calls with people who
aren’t super close to ready to do business… ready
NOW, not ready later – MOST of the time.

You have the same exact problem I did.

You haven’t put the 24/7/365 workhorse called the
Internet to work for you.

It’s a mistake.

And it’s a big one.

One that’s costing you not only money …

Money that you could do even bigger and better things with –
just think 
of the acts of service to your family and others
you could be the 
source of with a cash-flow that didn’t take
every waking moment of attention.

Maybe worse?

It’s also an act of laziness.



(remember I know this up close and personal – I was
that lazy person)

An act of disservice to the people who you could be
able to support but can’t.

I’d go as far as to say it’s pretty selfish.

Yep, letting your old habits and fears stop you from being
best version of yourself is literally selfish.

purp-bullet Think of the mission trips you’d like to contribute to

purp-bullet And the sports teams and camps you could sponsor

purp-bullet The vacations you could take your kids, parents, or
grandkids on and build memories for everyone that “last a

purp-bullet The comfort you could lend your aging parents – and
yourself – knowing they have what they deserve as they
get older.

purp-bullet The weekly massages you could indulge in (okay that
one’s just for you – it’s okay)

Here’s why we automate.

To make all that happen.

To get away from hand to mouth, paycheck-to- paycheck
level living that many folks who break free of 
their ‘jobs’ so
desperately want to be free of.

(Only to realize what they’ve created with their solo business
is actually a different 
sort of JOB – often with longer
hours, less or infrequent pay and no benefits.)

We want to help you make that happen in a way that
ends up being a lot less work and a lot more fun.

So now it’s time for me to pull back the curtains and show you
exactly how I’ve done what I’ve been able to do from home
and hopefully also shorten the learning and implementing
curve for you.


So what’s the next step?

Here’s what’s next.

More than two years ago, one of my mentors told
me to do this and it’s only just now coming together.

Imagining how much money has been left on the table
with my procrastination – kinda makes me wanna
throw up.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to take you anywhere
near that long.

LEARN from my experiences!

(the good AND the bad)

Here’s the very first thing.

First thing you’re gonna want is a low priced product
to sell people who are curious about whatever it is
you’re doing.

Much like this one.

(you can buy it when you click the button below)

Inside you’ll get a training where I reveal exactly what
and how I do what I do to make money online.

How it all came together. 


At the end, you also get a special link to connect with
me directly so you can ask any additional questions
you have.

And an invitation to train further if you find
yourself wanting more.


Click below for the next step.

Yes, I’m ready to start. 





Here’s exactly what you’re getting.

[Live Updates Quarterly] The most
version of” How I Do What I Do”
live hangout.

In other words – what’s working now …
… possibly more importantly, what isn’t
and what you can afford to ignore.

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