Lifestyle vs. Wealth Creation … My Eyes Are Open Even Wider Now

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Lifestyle vs. Wealth Creation … My Eyes Are Open Even Wider Now

[btw I also posted this over on my EN blog]

So let me set the stage a bit here …

… Yesterday I traveled for about 8 hours, 2349mi, via 3 planes (got lost in LAX airport sans boarding pass lol), had a lovely, if noisy dinner with VaNessa Duplessie, who was gracious enough to pick me up at the airport and then plopped my jet-lagged behind down in a clean but less than luxurious hotel/motel room at a Quality Inn.

I hadn’t really realized how awesome it is for event planners to put room blocks together … now I know. I’m here for a 50 or so person mastermind at Jbudd’s house – this was one of the places on the ‘close driving distance’ list …

… okay it was the closest and the cheapest …

To be honest, I was a little irritated with myself for not having spent a bit more – I definitely had a ‘grass must be greener somewhere else’ moment.

There’s a very silver lining to it though so bear with me here.

I did head directly back down to the Front Desk and actually “downgrade” my room once I saw that the ‘3rd Floor Partial Ocean Views’ were a farce … they’d put me opposite a stairwell :-p

I saved $50 bucks.

My ‘standard’ room is identical (worn out pressboard furniture and all … you know … the state college dorm room kind) minus the small uninviting loveseat I wasn’t gonna use anyway.

But the bed was clean, the bathroom was clean and I was tired, so I settled in.

What I came next was a gift I wasn’t expecting.

I watched this from Jonathan (see past the promo stuff at the front- yes you should be at his events – many events – but for now, just hear this important message, k?):


And then I posted this on my FB wall (the first bit is a Note From the Universe):


[snipped – but here’s the full convo]


And here we are now …. blog post(s) created!

So whatcha think?

Watch that video and let me hear from you…

… this feels like it could be a HUGE lightbulb popping conversation :))

Appreciate you!


PS. Oh and for what it’s worth, EN is one of the high commission (one of three) income streams that pays my bills and builds my family’s wealth. And it’s the only one that arrives like clockwork every week at the moment.

If that sounds like something you want … Come join the party if you haven’t already and we’ll work towards that for you too.

Tomorrow I should have a video ready to share from a Mastermind at Jonathan’s house… can’t wait to share my ‘aha’ moments with you.



  1. I am glad to have choosen this great video as the learning tool of the day while working out in front of my tv.
    Thanks for this amzazing lifeclass!

  2. Thank you for this Andrea. I learned so much from this video. There is so much to learn and know when you are running your own business, especially online and these insights are invaluable. I appreciate all you do Andrea to give, give, give to those of us building our way up to your level.
    Thanks heaps!

  3. Awesome video. I’ve got it bookmarked so I can watch again & again as I scale my business, and when I’m tempted to spend rather than reinvest.


  4. Thanks for posting that video, Andrea.

    Hearing that information from a young man that has already made millions is powerful.

    I notice that whether I’m having a financially abundant time, or a financially challenged time, there is always an opportunity to listen to myself when it comes to how to spend my money.
    Whenever I I feel on track with my money, and I push past what is comfortable to spend, it always ends up as an uncomfortable experience down the road.
    However, if I listen to the bodily felt sense of what feels right to spend, then everything seems to go smoothly in my life, no matter how much money I have… and more and more abundance seems to follow with ease.

    I love how Jonathan spelled it out so well.
    I appreciate his choice to stay sober with his money, and seek out the financial advice he’s needed to leverage his business…and to contribute to the causes he is inspired about.
    What a gift to be sharing with his students!
    I think that sharing that information will support people in letting go of their fears about being financially rich.
    I think sometimes people are afraid to have extraordinary wealth and/or relationships, because they are afraid what they might feel if they lost them.

    Best to you,

  5. Mind Set is such a big part of what we do, and in moving forward. I always take so much just from listening to what Jonathan has to say.

  6. I hope you have been served well this weekend Andrea. you certainly deserve it.
    Thanks for all the help you have given me and many others. your worth is demonstrated every day!

  7. Really great info Jonathan shares… something to consider re how would life change if you have more money… and would you manage and invest more money and better than you manage and invest your current wealth.

    It is certainly a mind shift to ascertain if your current purchasing habits are to purchase junk, liabilities, or assets.

  8. I think what a clever young man to find out this sort of knowledge at such a young age. You often see that very young IM driving sport cars and standing in front of mansions. Now I think about how they are blowing their wealth and not growing it.

    Food for thought for me too when I start making big pay cheques.


  9. Hello Andrea, Watching JB talk on his video without taking any brakes [ water or pits tops] and being glued to my chair really clicked my mind into high gear. I realise that I have made many dumb decisions, trying to find something that will put any money back in my pocket. I did join with you in several busiess’es and I had my hands tied with CC debt, and no capital to work with. I decided at my age that I could tell the CC’co to come and get me. I would not live long enough to pay them off before I die anyway.What a feeling of relief. I droped out of EN and got back in 6 months later with a different sponsor, and I realise that I was better off when I signed up with you. Yes I do have goals, but my first one is to make my first $100.00/month. It has been pointed out on TV lately that people that live on the poverty level. Who purchase Loto Tickets for $1.00 and hit the big one! Are right back back on the poverty level in 3-5 years, because they do not save or invest or bank any thing for the future. This is the big point that JB is telling us. A business is like a living thing that eats lots of Money to grow and maintain it’s self.

  10. Great Video !!! Jonathan, Love your info. You are Great !! Thanks for sharing !!!

  11. Great video. The process of scaling and planning towards that end clearly outweighs over-spending on lifestyle upfront. Bravo:-)

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