okay okay already <- resistance is *clearly* futile (yep I joined it.)

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Maybe you’ve already heard the news.

Despite any resistance I had this time last week over joining the rank and  file of the Empower Network movement (and it really has become a sort of movement) …

I’ve been won over.

If you’re on my list you would have already received this email that I sent out this morning explaining my change of heart.

But I’ll tell you the whole story here about how I became an Empower Network member (a pretty darn happy one at that)… and why, though resistance did turn out to be futile (lol) … it’s all good and I don’t feel at all like a Borg.

[brief reference there for my fellow Star Trek lovers … just skip it if it doesn’t ring a bell]

Here’s what was holding me back.

You know how sometimes something looks so cool that you know if you tune in, it could very easily swallow up all your time and send everything that you’ve already been focused on out the window?

That’s Empower Network to me in a nutshell.

Big. Important. All consuming if we let it be.

Enough people now follow me and say “just tell me what to do” that I need to be super sure of the things I recommend.

I knew I needed time to figure out how I wanted to position it (if at all) …

To figure how it could work in harmony with what is already working for me and my Mastermind Partners.

I knew if I did it that I would want to be able to support everyone who I  brought to it effectively so that they too could get whatever they hoped for out of it.

And I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

The answer came in an email that I got last weekend from someone I have worked with before.

Someone who I trust, who has huge skills in areas that distinctly complement my own, has been successful in multiple info product launches as an affiliate and who I know is able to deliver training and resources that we can all use far more quickly and easily than I can on my own.

In a single sentence – he’s someone we can all learn from Above and Beyond that which is in Empower Network …

And as with anything I do …

EN (aka. any opportunity) is just the vehicle, it’s how we drive it, how we fold it into our own marketing plans and who we choose to learn further from that makes the road smooth or bumpy.

I think you’re gonna like what you see ;-)

Take a Peek Here and Let Me Know

Onward and upward we go!

Appreciate you,



  1. LOVE the Borg reference…LOL I personally look forward to seeing where EN goes! Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I am excited to be part of this “new” program and I look forward to learning this info as fast as possible. Thank You Andrea!

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