Guru love is great but …

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There are a couple of ways that you can get recognized (in a good way) by ‘Gurus’

It’s what I call “Guru Love”

But before I go into the How’s (I’ll tell you how I do that in detail on a webinar one day – maybe soon!)…

Let’s talk about the Why’s.

Why Guru Love is Good

Main reason is pretty self-centered…

It’s to get into tighter networking circles just as fast as possible – because the more Inner Circle you get, the bigger your income potential is with those folks.

Oh they’re not gonna hand you squat, but the smartest ones will definitely edify the heck out of you as you gain momentum and lift you up.

In fact it’s a Win/Win for them to do exactly that.

Here’s are two perfect examples… (I won’t dilly dally over them ’cause I actually have mixed feelings still about being in the spotlight lol – how crazy is that?), you can go check them out at your leisure.

1. Not too long ago Jonathan Budd slipped my story into a video he did – was a TOTAL surprise LOL:

“Pop Goes the Goodsaid” - roflmao at min 13:10 or so my jaw dropped and I laughed a big belly laugh when I saw it.

2. And then there’s Mark Hoverson … who unleashed his copy talents using my story & a sale I made one Monday morning — and TAGGED me in Facebook (64 likes/30 comments not 24hours later and counting) :

Mark Hoverson - Word Smith Extraordinaire

Click here for the original thread.

And seriously, as much as I’m not a big fan of the lime light, it does have it’s benefits in the brand and PR area (and on Facebook it IS kinda fun):


More comments here …

The people who know me because folks like Jonathan, Mark, Daegan, Matt Lloyd, to call out just a few … because they say my name … well it’s a kind of organic, exponential growth… and I can definitely deal with that.

The other main reason why Guru attention is good is because you CAN get into (all kinds of) Inner Circle spaces more easily once you’re on their radar.

And that just opens up opportunities all over the place.

No lie.

But there’s an even better kind of love.

An Even Better Kinda Love

There’s actually 2 better kinds of love.

First – is of course – the pride that you get when getting your own results (the Guru love just gives it a shot of energy drink)

Can’t go skimping on the self-love and celebration – that just gums up the flow of everything.

(learned that one the hard way – maybe we’ll meet at an event one day and talk about it more)

But perhaps most importantly …

…. there’s the love you’ll receive from your audience.

Loyal raving fans – are way, way cool.

(Love YOU if that’s you!)

Become a trustworthy resource and you will have them too.


Win/win offers are sudden;y everywhere just waiting to be dreamt up…

But the moments that’re really a surprise at first are ones like this –

(click Charles’ picture to see what I’ll consult him to do if/when he asks
and he will find it a perfect path – because I help to shape it so) :

and especially this …


THAT right there is what affiliate and direct sales dreams are made of.

Impacting people you don’t even know (though now I’ll make a point to – that’s the coolness of social media) …

…. and having them even saying “Thank You” for recommending they buy something that was perfect for them.

I honestly have zero clue what it is that she bought – but it’ll be a fun story to go find out more about :)

LOVE this stuff!

But honestly – who really cares about all that “Andrea love stuff” … all it really accomplishes is the know, like and trust that has to happen for us to be able to do some transactions together.

Yeah you’re the one who’ll be buying at first.

That’s the other big benefit of social proof – that Facebook thread already has you nodding your head when you ask yourself – is she the real deal?

Seriously don’t let the idea that you’ll be spending money with me scare you – ’cause the whole point is to help you to get into shape where you are receiving the same from other people and can start to see win/win transactions are all around too.

(they literally are)

And all that takes is a little immersion time.

But you’re gonna get there – if you watched the Jbudd link above, you know exactly how to do it.

Been writing this all morning – better scoot :)

Love ‘ya!

Speak soon,


PS. Of course we must have a call to action – grin.

Why not check out the video that my daughter Aleda did of me and John this weekend – it’s for the front of the MPP site:

And as always … love to hear your comments below.


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