How Important is it to Get Thy Butt to Events? (friggin’ important)

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How Important is it to Get Thy Butt to Events? (friggin’ important)

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I’m sitting on the floor of my hotel room in the middle of the night writing this because I don’t want to wake up the other women who are staying with me this trip.

There’s just way too many things flying around in my mind to sleep right now.

Events do this to me.

What’s interesting though is that I never used to think I’d like events or that they’d have a real impact on how my life turned out.

Boy was I wrong!

Truth is I’m painfully shy by nature …

I remember growing up in NYC, we always lived in apartments and had to ride the elevator (I guess we *could have* used the stairs lol) … and what I remember most clearly about it is hiding behind my mothers legs whenever someone else got on.

And award ceremonies at school were this practice of some kind of sadistic torture as far as I was concerned. They were definitely NOT a bonus in my book.

So that’s my natural state … never wanting to be in the limelight.

… except … it turns out … when it comes to marketing.

And what events represent is marketing training, opportunities and brainstorming on steroids. You just plain can’t shut me up.

Heck yeah I’m all about events now.

So in the month of September, I’ve been to no fewer than 3 events.

[Working on number 3 right now… Matt Lloyd’s “Ad the Nitrous”]

All in San Diego. Two trips total. (I’ll remind you that I live in Florida)

… and this second trip, my daughter Aleda came with me and was inspired into action

I am beyond excited for her!

(seriously this is a proud momma moment – turns out she’s a heck of a writer)

But what I want to write about today is my first trip this month.

At the beginning of September, I was blessed to have been invited to Jonathan Budd’s home as a reward for being part of the 2nd place Futuristic Marketing affiliate team.

Here’re a couple of video clips that I pasted together from that weekend:

Now, you might think “wow” she’s so lucky! … how cool!!

Let me tell you something … getting to do stuff like that has zero to do with luck and everything to do with getting results.

If anyone is all about results, Jbudd is.

So that party was a reward for a job well done. It was also a dear dear gift.

The gift of Networking.

You know how they say “It’s all in who you know”?

Total mis-fire.

The real version is this – “It’s who knows you that counts most of all” and getting results gets you noticed.

Fold in a bit of Attraction Marketing ‘lifestyle’ sharing and you’ve got a winning combination …


So it was an intimate little gathering of 40-50 people – lots of food, pool play and great convo was had by all. Jonathan’s only item on the agenda for us was “go find your new best friend”…

… that’s it…

… and I have to admit I had doubts…

… I mean remember – this me who used to be shy in elevators … and isn’t a big fan of parties … not normally anyway.
Find my new best friend?? Hmm …

But turns out I found one (really, more than one) in spite of myself.

I’ll share more about the project over the coming days and weeks (it’s something I’m already seeing a profit with, but am still poking around the corners of, getting the lay of the land … on the look out for gotchas that might hang my peeps up… etc …) … for now, let me just say this…

He’s helping me solve the problem of team mates with no cashflow and no list all in one 10 week course.

He’s also helping me to filter through just the people who I want to talk to … the ones who already have some basic understanding of how online marketing can work for them.

I know that’s what I’ll be receiving out the other end because that’s what he’s teaching them… the basics. Step-by-step. With homework.

And they’ll ALL be given the chance to create enough cashflow for whatever they want most.

Can anyone say – EN “All Ins”??

Just imagine having a way to help people keep their autonomy (huge passion of mine), bust their learning curve AND fund their Empower Network accounts the way they want to within just a couple of months?

To say I’m excited about what’s ahead of us for the rest of the year and on into the new year is an understatement.

He said (this new bff of mine) that the biggest challenge people face is cashflow… and he’s completely right.

Problem SOLVED!

Events did that.

Get thee to events… you never know just what you’ll miss if you don’t have that sort of skin in the game.


In appreciation.


PS. If you’d like to be in the loop on this cashflow boosting funded proposal project. Just optin here.



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