Do you have a filter question?

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Do you have a filter question?

I don’t know if you’ll feel the same way about this video from Marie Forleo as I did when I first watched it – but I can definitely relate to the concerns of the person who asked the question.

LOVE Marie btw – she’s just doing her thing, having a good time and taking the people who want what she’s got along for the ride.

We should all be so authentically ourselves in our marketing…

How do we know what’s a real opportunity and what isn’t?

What if you figured out your filter question and committed to it fully and completely for

  • 2 weeks
  • 45 days
  • 3 months
  • … even a year?

… what sort of difference would that make in your results … in your life?

Watch this video from Marie and between now and my next post, I’ll nail down MY filter question and let you know … so I have some jumbo-sized accountability (you’ll hold me accountable won’t you?)

… and get ‘er dun.

Would love to hear yours too and return the favor.

Appreciate you!



  1. Thanks for posting this Andrea. It has got me thinking. I really have to come up with a powerful filter question. My problem is that I have multiple goals for short term and long term. Everything seems to pass at least one of my filters. Hmm, perhaps I need to focus on just one goal? Idk. Thanks for the food for thought though.


    • I know right? It got me thinking too … actually I needed to revisit this – so thanks for your comment! :)

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