Create your own products or promote someone else’s? … that seems to be the question of the week

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Create Your Own Products or Promote Someone Else’s?

So … the top of mind decision for each and every marketer to make every morning – regardless of experience – is this.

What will I promote today?

And by promote I mean actively get offers out to people …

  • … not yack it up on Facebook (though offers *can* be made and closed there quite consistently when done correctly)
  • … not fiddle fart around with your blog design …
  • … not agonize over some tech thingy for hours (that can easily be resolved via your Mastermind Partners collective brain)

I mean promote, sell, grace the people whom your offer will help.

-> Selling isn’t a bad thing … when you become a master matchmaker.

-> Spending isn’t a bad thing when it’s got some thoughtful intention behind it … even if you only take one small nugget away from a training…

…so long as you recognize it (it IS easy to overlook or disregard the little things that impact us sometimes)

… AND put the gems into action.

Leverage – the only way to scale (and stay sane)

Even better, the cool part is this:

Once you know what those actions are … and you get consistent with them … it’s very possible to begin to spread the work around.

In fact you should look to leverage (in a win/win way of course) the efforts of others.

Whether in the form of JV partnerships, affiliates, virtual assistants … so long as everyone is moving forward, the synergy of collaboration and partnership level relationships has the possibility of being far more than each person acting independently.

Can be so for the duration of a project…

Or can morph into a long term relationship that works for all concerned.

It’s all good.

So I say all this to kinda set the stage for the question – “what should I promote today”

Lately there’s a trend towards “develop your own product” … and here are the basic reasons this is a great way to go:

  • you have total control over your money
  • you get paid immediately
  • you have final say about what your customers are exposed to
  • you brand yourself rather than someone else

But here’s why I think that’s a mistake if you choose that path and only that path.

You don’t have the leverage factor in your favor when it comes time to do the marketing.

Plus if the learning begins and ends with you … and that’s a pretty narrow view of the world and what’s possible, wouldn’t ‘ya say?

Napolean Hill Said it Best …

So how do you get connected with people who could be a good match for helping you to promote your own stuff?

Well, it’s like anything else –

“The quickest way to get what you want is to help other people get what they want”

And this is no different …

THE quickest way to the front of mind for anyone you want better access to is to become an affiliate (for their product) and help them make sales.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll return the favor and promote something that you develop … it’s not typically so direct as that.

But what being a top affiliate does do is give you results-based evidence that you know what you’re doing.

Social proof.

And confidence … posture …

Plus it gives you the audience with people who are doing big things that you need to see things more from the inside than you ever would as a straight customer.

(and YES you also want to own that product so you can talk about it authentically)

Being an effective affiliate puts you on the map.

All sorts of interesting opportunities will begin coming your way.

Including being able to better network to promote your own products and services.

It takes a bit of both.

That’s been my experience anyway ;-)

Here’s What’s Working for Me

I’m an affiliate, I’m a product creator, I even License a product line from an up and coming marketer (new project details to come).

In the end, it’s the relationships that we build that have the most impact.

Both creatively and financially.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to both create products and also promote quality content that you can profit from – they’re all around you.

Wishing you every success,


PS. Here’s one of the best examples of products you can leverage (and have the full commissions deposited directly into your paypal or merchant account) that I’ve seen in a very long time.

And you don’t even have to pay the $2388 license fee that I just did for the other product line I just added (kinda makes me wonder why I did that lol)

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