Affiliate Marketing Basics – Getting a “toe-hold” when you’re just starting out

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Affiliate marketing basics … what sort of ‘stuff’ do we really need to know when it comes to affiliate marketing?

One of the things I have people ask me all the time is “does affiliate marketing work?”

(often these are the same people who come back a week later and say “this stuff doesn’t work” … lol … but that’s a different post altogether … about mindset)

Today I’m here to tell you YES affiliate marketing does work… and yes you do need to understand (and implement) the basics in order to have that be true for you too.

As you may already know, I joined Empower Network about a month ago.

I can’t recommend it highly enough IF you want to begin learning the art of content creation and the basics of affiliate marketing.

(oh yeah – the affiliate program is nothing to sneeze at either – [hint: not all affiliate programs are created equal])

David’s got it all right as far as what needs to happen daily in order to develop a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

His 8 Core Commitments see to that.

There’s no better way to get that “toe-hold” going when you’re a newbie.

Here’s how most people think of affiliate marketing – in a nutshell :

  1. you choose a product (that someone else made)
  2. you promote that product (you send traffic to an offer)
  3. the offer converts and you get paid (sales happen)

And years ago, when the Internet was a far less savvy place with far less savvy customers on it – sending traffic directly to an affiliate offer was a viable business model.

Not anymore.

I don’t care if it’s an affiliate product through Amazon or Clickbank that you’re promoting or if it’s a link to a direct selling company’s website that you’re an rep/consultant for.

If you’re sending your visitors (and therefore your best customer referrals) directly to the affiliate sales page or company website .. at best you’re leaving money on the table …

But more likely you’re not making one red cent and there’s a reason for that.

See they left something out.

Somewhere along the way – when we moved online – we forgot (and I mean flat out threw the idea out for some reason).

We forgot the critical importance of developing a customer list.

You know…

… a Rolodex of happy “want to hear from us” type people….

  • People we can sell things to
  • People we can ask for referrals
  • People we can easily tell about special offers (’cause they’re all handily living in the same database)
  • People we can serve…
  • People who want to support us If Only We Would Keep in Touch!

Online or offline – the life blood of any business (any real business) is its customer and contacts database.

So how come we forgot this little gem?

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not our fault.

See most of us came online looking for a way to create income without ANY business experience at all.

And the only people to teach us how to promote the stuff we decided to promote were the product and service producers themselves.

Well, looking to those folks for guidance about how to build our own businesses is never going to happen.

It has never been and never will be in the best interest (or even on the radar) of companies creating the product or services we love and want to share with the world to empower us to take ownership of our customer base.

That has to come from some place else.

Sure they can offer specifics about their products and see that the sales process goes smoothly once we get the (pre-sold) customer to them … but let’s never forget that these buyers are actually OUR customers first.

It’s us they’re buying into first.

Or they should be …

if you actually want affiliate marketing to work for you.

You have to:




Now, while there are a couple of exceptions to this “don’t send traffic straight to your affiliate link” rule.

The beauty of these *exceptional* affiliate programs is this – they allow you to build your list AND send them traffic at the very same time.

And they also train you further in the art of affiliate marketing (which is the product being sold in each case – tools and training)

If you want to build a real business affiliate marketing, direct sales, network marketing, whatever …) – it’s an absolute requirement that you take control of your customer and visitor list.

A contact list is the real asset of any business.

Are you building yours?


PS. If you’d like to receive my short list of must have tools and resources for getting started in Affiliate Marketing including affiliate programs that help you to build your list online…

… You’ll want to join my Affiliate Marketing basics list.

PPS. Ironically, if you think you have nothing to sell, this is the very best time to begin building your list…. sounds counter¬†intuitive I know … such is the way of many things marketing – you’ll get used to it ;-)

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